Niece's Letter...
Kevin's Niece's Letter to the Editor

Dear Reader:

It has been almost a year since my Uncle Kevin has passed away. I miss him very much and can not believe, or understand why someone would take his life.

My Uncle Kevin was a very kind, funny and loving man. I have so many memories with him, but will no longer have any new ones because of this person who has taken his life.

My family and I are going through a very rough time, and we ask for all the help we can get and want to prevent this from happening to anybody else. I ask you to try and imagine if a loved one of yours had this happen to them, how would you feel and what you would want others to do to help. This is how we feel and again ask for all the help we can get to find this person. Thank you for all you have done already.

I love you and miss you Uncle Kevin.

Nicole Clewer
Niece of Kevin Clewer, 13 yrs old (2005)