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Twenty years ago, on Wednesday March 24, 2004, Kevin Clewer, a 31-year-old gay Lakeview resident, was found in his apartment brutally murdered, stabbed forty-two times. Today, his case remains open and unsolved but not cold. Over the years, our family has worked with many wonderful people to keep Kevin’s memory and case alive and today will be another such day.

“It is hard to believe that 20 years later we are still asking the same questions. The loss we all suffered was immeasurable. Now, being in the same phase of life as my uncle was in 2004, there is a deeper sadness for what was taken from him,” Justine Clewer, Kevin’s niece.

“Shortly after Kevin’s murder, my family held our first media event. At that time, I said I don’t want to be here twenty years later, without answers. While it has been twenty years, we do have some answers and insights, and today we want to share them with you,” Ron Clewer, Kevin’s brother. We will also announce a $50,000 cash reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for his murder.

The family and friends of Kevin Clewer invite, past and present, members the media for moments of reflection and a discussion on what the future will bring. In addition to the announcement of a $50,000 reward, we will share our next steps in working to bring justice for Kevin. We will conclude our time together celebrating and honoring our brother, uncle, son, cousin, and friend. Please stay and join us.

“I was twelve when my Uncle Kevin was killed. It hurt then and still hurts twenty years later. Now thirty-two, about the same age he was when his life was taken, I better understand how much life he should have had ahead of him. No matter the amount of time that has passed, our hope for justice and peace for him remains,” Nicole (Clewer) Riley, Kevin’s niece.

​​​Clewer Family Cancels Reward - December 22, 2006

After more than two and a half years since Kevins death I feel it is time to cancel the $20,000.00 reward. This does not mean that I am or my family is giving up on finding Kevin's killer. Quite the contrary.

The time has come however, where the money offered for information would do more good helping an individual or organization in need.

I can no longer justify holding out these funds in hopes that some one who holds the information regarding Kevin's murder will come forward. My mom and dad always felt anyone with information should come forward because it is the right thing to do, not over the offer of money. I have always agreed but felt perhaps it was just that little extra that would sway that person to do what is right.

Effective immediately, the reward is no longer available.

If you have any information regarding the murder of my brother, please call Area 3 homicide at (312) 744-8261. Refer to case number HK-259944.

Thank you!

Ron Clewer
Kevin's Brother

Thank you - May 30, 2005 

Thank you to everyone who has forwarded sympathy cards, letters, emails, donations and countless other kind gestures to help ease the pain left by my parents death. This past year has been filled with heart ache but the efforts many have made have helped each of us endure these horrible losses. THANK YOU!

While my family has taken a step back to grieve the latest loss of Kevin’s and my father (James Clewer) and mother (Pamela Cunningham), the community must know we are still committed to continuing our efforts to help the police find Kevin’s killer. Our parents would expect nothing less.

Thank you again... please know your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ron Clewer
Kevin's Brother

Thank you - CRIME STOPPERS - March 29, 2005 

The Family of Kevin Clewer wants to thank the Cook County Crime Stoppers and Director George McDade for their interest and efforts in advancing the search for my brother's (Kevin) murderer. Prior to distributing more then 2500 flyers on the morning and evening of March 19, 2005, they placed a great amount of effort into organizing the distribution, assembling volunteers, creating the flyers and assembling the $1000 reward.

On behalf of my family, I thank all Cook County Crime Stoppers volunteers who helped in this effort.

Further, we want to extend special thanks to all media who covered the gathering prior to distribution and reported the events around the death of my brother. According to the Chicago Police, Kevin's murder case, like many others, will likely be solved by a tip from an interested party and these efforts may help produce that tip.

As a family, 1 year after this horrible tragedy, it is still our need to remove this person from the streets so he may not kill again. We can not do this alone and thankfully have not been. Again we thank everyone who has helped to keep the awareness going.

Thank you Cook County Crime
Stoppers, ALL members of the media, the community, the merchants in the North Halsted Street area, LGBT Organizations (including but not limited to Equality Illinois, the Center on Halsted, the Howard Brown Heath Center) and last but not least, the Chicago Police Department.

By continuing to work together we hope some day there will be resolution for all of us who have been affected, both in the community and Kevin's family.


Kevin's Family