2009 "Six Degrees of Separation" email campaign...

In March of 2004 my brother Kevin was murdered in his own Chicagoland apartment - today his case is still unsolved.

Recently I sent an email about Kevin's case… The email requested that everyone continue to pass it forward in hopes that the information contained in the email would eventually reach someone who knew something about Kevin's case, particularly info on a person of interest - "Fernando"... the 6 degrees of separation theory. As you forwarded that one - I ask you to also forward this one, in hopes that this new approach will get to the right person. I still believe in the theory of 6 degrees...

The first "6 degrees" email brought mixed reactions - favorable and some not so favorable. Some felt the effort was ill focused and should ask for information on the circumstances around Kevin's death rather than focus on info related to Fernando.

Here are a few of the comments I received....

1. "While it is not my intention to debate this matter, I hope you'll take my view under consideration and see the logic of simply searching for the actual killer and not the "Fernando" suspect exclusively. Don't lose sight of the larger picture through a tunnel-vision focus on one particular aspect of the case."

2. "Ron, I sincerely hope that a concerted effort is made to identify the actual killer of Kevin rather than in locating the "Fernando" sketch suspect. In this aspect, I disagree with your efforts to date though I certainly understand your motive."

3. "The continued sole focus on locating the "Fernando" sketch suspect... ...may actually be hindering the investigation from identifying the actual offender. This effort may preclude possible informational witnesses from coming forward with knowledge of the crime or additional information incriminating other persons if they honestly believe that the "Fernando" suspect is being sought regarding the murder. Further, the actual killer can only relish the continued focus on locating "Fernando" instead of locating the actual offender."

So it is because of these comments, I want to say the following...

I had to give serious thought to all I have heard these past nearly 5 years to determine what is it I know for fact; as facts are where the answers lie - right? Here is all I concluded as simple fact:

1) Kevin is deceased
2) Its been nearly 5 years
3) His case remains unsolved

Unfortunately not a long "fact" list and one the ends with the wrong answer or rather a lack of resolution.

So where do we go from here? Do I continue to follow the direction of the Chicago Police Department and solely look for Fernando? Do I abandon that theory and seek other answers as I have also done these past years?

I will continue to ask for any AND all information that brings justice to Kevin by finding his killer. Perhaps his killer is Fernando, perhaps it's an acquaintance of Kevin's, or perhaps it's a stranger... the only people who likely know are Kevin and the miserable excuse for a human being who killed him.

As this email works it's way forward I'm hopeful it reaches Kevin's killer. If it has, I have a few words for you... even as this "miserable excuse" you have options. You can keep running and eventually you will be found... or you can finally do what is right and come forward. Honestly, despite just coming out of the Holiday season (one of "belief") I don't believe you will come forward because you have already proven the type of person you are... a disgusting, heartless piece of flesh. Am I right? Prove me wrong by coming forward...

If this email makes its way to an acquaintance of Kevin's killer and the killer has shared any of his/her actions with you and you have information regarding Kevin's death, or perhaps you have seen or heard something that you believe may have substance… Please contact the Chicago Police at 312-744-8261 or the Cook County Crime Stoppers anonymous hot line 1-800-535-STOP or email whykevin@msn.com.

If you have already made contact or attempted contact with CPD and don't feel the proper attention was paid to your effort - please contact me by going to the "contact us" section of Kevin's website at www.4chicagokev.com to make an anonymous contact or email whykevin@msn.com.

Thank you again for your help - by working together the answers will come!

Ron Clewer

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